Blue Zones Project®

We’ve launched an initiative in communities nationwide that makes healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy and social networks.

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Our Approach

The Blue Zones Project® is dedicated to creating a nation of Blue Zones communities – healthier cities, states and businesses where people live longer, better.

Led by New York Times best selling author Dan Buettner, our company has developed an evidence-based program that uses the secrets of the “Blue Zones” to transform communities.


In a time-intensive process, we engage with communities. We listen. We research. We earn trust. Then working with citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and civic leaders, we develop customized programs tailored for each community.

Ultimately, our proven interventions create environments that nudge people toward healthier choices every day.

What We Do

Our program is based on the assumption that we spend 90% of our lives in a 20-mile “Life Radius®”. Within that life radius we focus on optimizing:

Blue Zones Life Radius

The built environment: Improving roads and transportation options, parks, and public spaces

Municipal policies and ordinances: Promoting activity and discouraging junk food marketing and smoking

Restaurants, schools, grocery stores and workplaces: Building healthier options into the places people spend most of their time

Social networks: Forming and nurturing social groups that support healthy habits

Habitat: Helping people design homes that nudge them into eating less and moving more.

Inner selves: Encouraging people to reduce stress, find their purpose, and give back to the community.

The Blue Zones Project® has had significant impact to date; having reached around 3.4 million lives across 42 communities in nine states to date.

The Blue Zones Communities®


Learn more about each of the Blue Zones Communities®.

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Why it Works

Rather than relying on individual behavior change, the program focuses on making the healthy choice the easy choice. Instead of nagging people to exercise, we make walking easier and more desirable than driving. By making wholesome foods more accessible and less expensive than junk foods, people begin to eat healthier naturally.

Our approach is based on the cornerstone of sustainability. Unlike other health or wellness initiatives we address the environment not just the individual, resulting in long-term impact that stands the test of time.

Project Success

$12 Million savings in annual healthcare costs in the Beach Cities of California

15% drop in obesity in Iowa City from 2014 to 2015

44% of the adult population of Albert Lea participated in walking moais, logging over 75 million steps in one year

Albert Lea participating businesses saw 21% decline in absenteeism

More than 3 billion media impressions to date.

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