Legacy Project

Our multidisciplinary research project gives kids a chance to interact with “super seniors” in their community, learning more about other generations and the meaning of legacy. It also turns kids into real scientific sleuths. Students discover firsthand the behavioral habits that contribute to longevity, and then share their findings with scientists on the Blue Zones team.

Getting Started

The Legacy Project is an interdisciplinary study, incorporating various subject areas—science, health, social studies, geography, history, and language arts. The project also allows students to gain interviewing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


To complete the project, please participate in Lessons 1–6. At the end of the project, mail your completed Legacy Project student packets to:

Blue Zones, LLC
323 Washington Ave N., 2nd Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Students identify healthy people age 75 or older who have retained their vitality– perhaps a neighbor, relative, or family friend. They interview these “super seniors” and record relevant information utilizing the Big6™ Information Problem-Solving Skills.

Lesson 1: Task Definition

Who is a Super Senior / My Current Lifestyle

Lesson 2: Information Seeking Strategies

How to Find a Super Senior

Lesson 3: Location and Access

Interviewing Tips / Legacy Project Survey / Trails Test

Lesson 4: Use of Information

Lesson 5/6: Synthesis and Evaluation