Blue Zones Speakers

Interested in featuring a Blue Zones presentation at your next event? Learn more about our wide range of inspiring and internationally-recognized speakers.

Dr. Michel Poulain

Founder of Original Blue Zones™ Hotspot, Emeritus Professor, and Longevity Expert

Tony Buettner

Blue Zones Senior Vice President and National Spokesperson

Nick Buettner

Explorer, Ed-Tech Innovator, and Blue Zones VP of Product

Richard Leider

International Best Selling Author, Founder of INVENTURE–The Purpose Company, Executive Life Coach

Dr. Joseph Sky

Cardiologist, Loma Linda University Medical School Graduate, Professional Speaker

David McLain

National Geographic Photographer, Blue Zones Exploration Team Member, and International Speaker

Sarah Bridges, Ph.D.

Neuropsychologist, Author, and Executive Coach

Dave Tsang

Change Leader, Retired Executive, and Life Coach

Danny Buettner

Corporate Workplace Consultant, Firefighter, and EMT

Remar Sutton

Mentor to Dan Buettner, Expert on Aging the Blue Zones Way, and Author

Luann Alemao

Community Leader, World Traveler, Health Advocate, Recipe Writer, and Adjunct Educator

Amy Tomczyk

M.A.Ed., and Former Director of Outreach and Education at Blue Zones

Rudy Maxa

Journalist, Television & Radio Host, and Explorer

Bruce Junek

Explorer, Photographer, and Co-Founder of Images of the World

Tass Thacker

Explorer, Author, Photographer, and Co-Founder of Images of the World