• Explorer
  • Photographer
  • Founder of Images of the World

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Bruce Junek is an explorer of the Blue Zones world. Bruce and his wife Tass have bicycled and traveled through 53 countries over several decades of adventure. Working with a camera has enabled Bruce to produce inspiring photographs for the Images of the World school program, bringing the vision of a healthy life to millions of students all over the world. Bruce’s adult keynote program incorporates that same energy and enthusiasm along with a visual feast of the couple’s stunning images.

Bruce’s first hand knowledge of the Blue Zones around the planet, along with his enthusiasm for visual storytelling, make his presentations engaging and memorable. With humor and stories from his two decades of friendship with Dan Buettner, Bruce never fails to captivate his audience with optimism for a healthier life ahead. Demonstrating in his own life the simple principles of longevity, Bruce is the perfect example of the benefits that can be found in Blue Zones lifestyle.

“Dan’s insight was an invaluable addition to the event.”

-Bill Clinton

“Dan was one of the highlights at our quarterly company meeting. Employees described him as ‘eye opening’ and awesome!”

-Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com

“Dan was amazing!! Everyone loved him!”

-Capital Blue Cross

“He was just brilliant!  Our attendees gave Dan a much-deserved standing ovation and were left buzzing about his work long after his talk.”

-Positive Psychology Center University of Pennsylvania

“I could have listened to him for days.”

-Attendee at Employers’ Health Symposium

“I have rarely seen a speaker who is as comfortable up on stage giving his presentation as Dan Buettner, plus he felt fresh and excited about the material.”

-Mountain Film in Telluride

“With 98.6% of attendees rating him “Excellent”, Dan was our best speaker ever.”

-Employers Health

“Dan did such a stellar job at our conference. We have no idea how we’ll fill his shoes the next time we put on this event.”

-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota