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  • Blue Zones Retreats and Hospitality Expert
  • Founder and CEO of WE(i)Think
  • Certified integrative health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
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Celebrated public speaker with over a decade of experience in tourism, well-being retreats, corporate food and beverage, and hospitality development.

Céline Vadam is a Retreats and Hospitality Expert at Blue Zones. With over a decade of honing her skills in the international arena and exploring the world, Céline creates inspiring wellness concepts and experiences by weaving together her holistic health and lifestyle expertise with her hospitality industry background.

Along with her deep involvement and study of the blue zones locations, she is a yoga teacher, a reiki (energy healing) and breathwork practitioner, and a certified integrative health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Her career spans across tourism, spa and wellness retreats, corporate food and beverage, and hospitality development. Céline has worked in a range of strategic roles and projects across the globe, including as a Senior Manager of Development at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, as a Business Development Manager at STR, and as a Professor at ESCAET Business School. Alongside her work with Blue Zones, she is the Co-Founder of the Hospitality of the Future Think Tank and the Founder and CEO of WE(i)Think, a hospitality consulting service that specializes in well-being and sustainability-minded projects.

Céline is also a board member of the Hotel of Tomorrow Summit, and she participates in hospitality initiatives such as the Global Wellness Institute Tourism Destination Initiative, Leading Hotelieres, the Academy of Hospitality Arts Wellness focus group, and the HospitalityNet Sustainability World Panel. She is a celebrated public speaker, specializing in well-being and sustainability topics at major hospitality and tourism events, as well as lectures at renowned universities. 

Born and raised in France, Celine’s culinary love story was sparked by the Mediterranean’s rich culture. Fluent in French, English, Italian, and Spanish, she’s a globetrotter who shares a unique blend of timeless wisdom and cutting-edge science. Céline cherishes moments with her daughter, friends, and family, relishing outdoor adventures, and expressing her love language through cooking. Her ultimate purpose? Empowering individuals to lead healthier, longer, and happier lives while discovering their true purpose and nurturing meaningful relationships.