• Happiness Coach
  • Bilingual Presenter
  • Professor at Universidad de Monterrey

Nicole Fuentes, is an author, international speaker, professor, and happiness coach. Nicole has spent the last 20 years as a consultant and researcher in Positive Psychology. In just one talk, Nicole will share with her audience the tools to help them live longer and more fulfilled lives. With her diverse background of writing “Felicidad en el Trayecto: 8 Rutas”, Magazine contributor and blog author as well as her happiness and psychology expertise Nicole is the perfect speaker to bring the lessons of the Blue Zones to your audience. In 2016 Nicole’s presentation was the best evaluated speech at the CONARH in Sau Paulo, Brazil to and audience of 2,000. Nicole is happy to share the presentation in English or Spanish.

“Best evaluated Magna Conference Speaker “

-CONARH in Sau Paulo, Brazil