• Mentor to Dan Buettner
  • Expert on Aging the Blue Zones Way
  • Author

Described by Dan Buettner as “my mentor and Life Virtuoso,” Remar Sutton is a frank and creative speaker, bringing his audience new insights into their own psychology, and delivering an action plan for bringing the Blue Zones principles into their lives.

Remar’s history is that of a renowned and engaging skeptic, traveling the world to investigate health claims.

In 1986 his Washington Post articles about Dan Buettner and the Blue Zones started a lifelong friendship between the two men and their families, despite a nearly 20 year age difference.

Remar’s own life history is as fascinating as a life can get.

Many of his adventures have been the subject of books, articles and television shows. Sutton’s life story was even optioned by Tri-Star pictures.

Remar’s Washington Post column on health was syndicated by United Features in many of the nation’s top 100 newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Times Herald and The Miami Herald.

Sutton’s life story also includes friendships with many iconic Americans, from Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, and Andy Rooney to authors Kurt Vonnegut and George Plimpton.

At age 81, Remar is living proof that the Blue Zones principles can be adopted and enjoyed by all of us.

I don’t think we could have done anything different, the technology, the PP slides, and Remars presentation were all wonderful

-Marise Sahyoun- Ohio Living