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Rudy Maxa is passionate about well-being and improving people’s lives. He’s a longtime collaborator with Blue Zones who brings his professional journalist’s eye to the world of health, longevity and happiness. His years of experience hosting and producing radio and television programs combines with humorous and anecdotal stories of real world applications for the Blue Zones secrets of longevity – both in his own life, as well as those he’s observed around the world.

Rudy shares the cultural secrets of the five discovered “Blue Zones” and the nine common denominators that could allow the average American to live another 12 quality years. He also tells stories about how in 2009, the first Blue Zones Project introduced these common denominators to the residents of Albert Lea, MN, and successfully raised life expectancy and lowered health care costs. The Blue Zones Project has now expanded to four states and dozens of communities and worksites nationwide. Rudy leaves audiences informed, inspired and motivated to try the small changes that over time can make a big impact in people’s health, life and well-being.

“Dan’s insight was an invaluable addition to the event.”

-Bill Clinton

“Dan was one of the highlights at our quarterly company meeting. Employees described him as ‘eye opening’ and awesome!”

-Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com

“Dan was amazing!! Everyone loved him!”

-Capital Blue Cross

“He was just brilliant!  Our attendees gave Dan a much-deserved standing ovation and were left buzzing about his work long after his talk.”

-Positive Psychology Center University of Pennsylvania

“I could have listened to him for days.”

-Attendee at Employers’ Health Symposium

“I have rarely seen a speaker who is as comfortable up on stage giving his presentation as Dan Buettner, plus he felt fresh and excited about the material.”

-Mountain Film in Telluride

“With 98.6% of attendees rating him “Excellent”, Dan was our best speaker ever.”

-Employers Health

“Dan did such a stellar job at our conference. We have no idea how we’ll fill his shoes the next time we put on this event.”

-Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota