• Neuropsychologist
  • Author
  • Executive Coach

Watch a sampling from one of Sarah’s talks.

Dr. Sarah Bridges lives for empowering her audiences to see connections: health and community, longevity and family, friendships and serenity. Her experience with the Blue Zones has shown that people who age well still engage their brain, but it is their social network and relationships that are critical to health.

Sarah’s career is diverse yet ever-curious, starting with a post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology. The last twenty years have demonstrated her expertise:
Advising executives and leaders at organizations such as 3M, UnitedHealth Group, Target, Alcoa, Electrolux, University of Minnesota, Ecolab, and Robert Wood Johnson
Using Blue Zones concepts to help leaders develop and realize growth in their personal and business lives
Engaging audiences of all sizes with lively storytelling, humor, science, and personal anecdotes to bring Blue Zones concepts to each and every person’s life
Investigating and writing articles for the Washington Post, Realizing Leadership, Mothering magazine, SEED magazine, Organic Style, and more

Sarah received her B.A. in psychology from Wesleyan University, her Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology from the University of Minnesota, and her MBA from Benedictine University.

“… the results are stunning.”

-Dr. Walter C. Willett, Harvard School of Public Health