Blue Zones and The Smart City Policy Group Present:

Smart Money: Future-proofing Cities and the ROI of Well-Being Planning

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Join us for a free webinar to learn how well-being planning is transforming cities for more resilient, sustainable, and liveable futures. Our speakers and thought leaders will share how well-being work is creating a paradigm shift in how we co-create better, more resilient cities for the post-pandemic future. 


The Science and Economics of Well-Being 

The Cost of Doing Nothing for Cities (Why Well-Being Planning Matters)

Why Cities Need Well-Being Directors & “Life Radius” Approach

Closing the Widening Health Disparities and Gaps in Cities

Building Public-Private Movements & Coalitions

Demonstrations: Public-Private Movements & Coalitions



With Blue Zones and Smart City Group

The world and our cities are constantly changing, and the pandemic has shown us that our communities are both stronger and weaker than we knew. As our cities have been disrupted by the pandemic and political divisions, it is now clear that we need systems-level changes and solutions. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has recently passed a resolution encouraging cities around the country to adopt a proactive systems approach to health based on Blue Zones’ widely proven model of improving the well-being of communities.

For city leaders and officials, urban scholars, planners, activists, and policy designers to engage and learn about co-design in healthier citymaking and the measurable, proven impact when well-being is a core lens through which policies and decisions are made. Feel free to share this invite with colleagues, partners, and friends. 


Smart Money: Future-proofing Cities and the ROI of Well-Being Planning


January 12, 2021


Webinar link to be provided after registration


4:00 p.m. ET

Registration Closed

Watch the Recorded Event


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Dan Buettner, VP of Blue Zones

Advancing Return on Well-Being (ROW) solutions in communities around the country with the Blue Zones model.

Matt Curtis, Founder Smart City Policy Group

Former right hand to the immediate past two Austin mayors, Matt helps municipalities bridge the divide between the innovation economy and local government. 

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