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Dan Burden is the director of innovation & inspiration

Dan Burden, Speaker Extraordinaire

Director of Innovation & Inspiration has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Dan Burden is one of the world’s most respected, well-rounded, speakers on rebuilding towns for people. During the past 32 years he has been studying, interpreting and implementing insights and skills of changing human habitat to be focused on people first.

Dan helps people achieve their dreams for healthy, socially engaging, prosperous, age-friendly, youth-oriented, diverse, sustainable communities. His presentations are not only lively and engaging; they are always calibrated to the size, scale and uniqueness of any community he visits.

If your community seeks a well recognized name that attracts a crowd, and keeps them engaged for either a keynote presentation, or an entire day workshop, Dan has the magnetism for drawing people in and then keeping them tuned into their future.

Talk Topics

With a very specific expertise, comes a very specific talk. Having been involved with all Blue Zones Projects since the pilot project in Albert Lea, MN, Dan’s talks are situated around:

  • His bicycling expedition from Alaska to Argentina; a trip that later inspired Blue Zones founder Dan Buettner’s Guinness World Record-holding expeditions down the same route
  • Blue Zones Pilot Project in Albert Lea as well as any/all Blue Zones Project Cities
  • Civic/city planning and rebuilding social capital
  • Designing streets as places that support active transportation (or multi-modal works) focusing on access, reducing auto dependency, sustainability, and providing greater safety for all people
  • Aging-in-place and how to create age-friendly communities to ensure our elders stay active, have access to daily needs, and maintain their social circles

Dan can actually get Americans to care about cities again. And he does it by getting the traffic engineers on board, not by vilifying them, but by making them excited about being involved in change.

-Michael Ronkin, former Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation