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“With The Blue Zones Kitchen, Dan Buettner has  given us a fact-based, delicious  prescription for eating to live longer, better lives. Immersing himself in the world’s longest-lived communities, Buettner has codified a true diet of longevity. Whole food, plant based eating has never tasted this good, made more sense or been so easy. I’ve traveled the world to explore seen every imaginable style of cooking and let me tell you, this book will change your life.”

Andrew Zimmern, Chef and Former Host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

“You obviously hit people’s hot button last night.  That’s the best forum turnout we’ve had all year.  People were excited about your presentation and stayed engaged throughout the entire presentation.  I am so happy that you chose to share your talents with the Shift membership.  On behalf of the entire board thank you so much.  Great presentation, great material and a successful evening.  We are truly grateful.”

Bob Koehler, Authentic Aging

“We received very positive feedback about the session.   It was definitely a high point of the day and several of our doctors took time out of clinic to attend.”

Brittney Nichols, UT Health NORTHEAST

“Your enthusiasm and passion for “our” Island Ikaria was quite evident and appreciated. Meeting you was a pleasure. It was quite evident that you are passionate about what you do!! And you have a very warm and sincere presence!”

Chrissa Lefes, Pan Icarian Committee

“Thank you for being ready and available!  We’re very fortunate!  I can’t imagine anyone else leading this effort for us.”

Christopher Beth Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services, Redwood City, CA

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