True Happiness®

What is true happiness?

Can we define happiness? Can we measure it? We’ve worked with the leading experts in positive psychology to find out. Learn what True Happiness® is – and how to find yours.


Remembered Happiness

Remembered Happiness is how we think about ourselves overall. It’s how we answer the question, “Am I happy in life?”  It’s how we remember our vacations, our years in high school, holidays with the family, or the early years of life with kids, our divorce, or our work history. It’s more of a “big picture” perspective on our state of happiness.

Experienced Happiness

Experienced happiness is very different, but equally important. Imagine someone asks you randomly throughout the day what you’re doing and how happy you are at that second. Experienced happiness is the moments of joy, bliss, relief, laughter you have throughout the day.

Putting it all together

Remembered Happiness and Experienced Happiness don’t always match. For example, millionaires as a whole rate their remembered selves higher than people who only make $50,000 a year. But the millionaire may have a bigger house to look after, more responsibilities and pressure at work and a more demanding spouse. So, they may, in fact, have fewer moments of experienced happiness throughout the day and live life less happily. On the other hand, the person who rates themselves as less happy because they don’t have the level of luxury they’d like to have, might, in fact, take day-to-day pleasure in their job or in their garden or in their kid’s success at school and have many moments of bliss in their day. The True Happiness test measures both facets of your life for one universal score.