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The longest-lived people in the world live in environments that foster healthy behaviors. Using the Vitality Coach’s free tools and online resources, you too can set up your life so it is easy to follow the lifestyle habits of the healthiest cultures around the globe.

Vitality Assessment

Take the True Vitality® Test to learn more about how your lifestyle is affecting your longevity. The personalized recommendations can help you formulate a plan to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

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Where Do I Begin?

We recommend you start at the beginning. Read The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest with a friend and use the question prompts at the end of the book to begin a critical discussion about your health, friendship and lifestyle habits.

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Power 9®

The longest-lived people in the world share nine commonalities we call the Power 9. These nine tenets of longevity are all-encompassing to help you transform all areas of your life.

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Vitality Resources



All of the recipes featured on our site follow the Blue Zones Food Guidelines, can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and are delicious!

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Food Guidelines

These 11 easy-to-implement food guidelines can help you eat like a centenarian.

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We’re constantly interviewing health and happiness experts, gathering secrets from centenarians around the world and scouring the newest scientific studies for evidence-based research on longevity.

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Once you have read The Blue Zones, have understood and applied the Power 9 to your life and made semi-permanent changes to your environment to nudge you to make the healthy choice the easy choice, re-take the True Vitality Test to reassess your life expectancy and see how you have improved.

After completing the Blue Zones Vitality Coach program, use the additional resources below to learn more about our other programs.

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Creating Healthy Communities


Healthy City Making

The built environment is the human-made surroundings and layout in which we live, including buildings, parks, streets, bridges, and neighborhoods. Research has determined that 80 percent of longevity is dictated by lifestyle and environment.

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We help communities reinvent streets, neighborhoods, towns and cities for people, not for cars.


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Blue Zones Project

Rooted in research from the original Blue Zones longevity hotspots, we help transform communities into thriving places to live, work, eat, and play.

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