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City of Naples becomes Blue Zones worksite

The City of Naples is the newest worksite to join the Blue Zones Project ranks. Employees take part in walking moais, eating and sharing healthy snacks at the office, and volunteering. They’re also given the option of stand up desks. Read Article >>

Communities Built for Active Living Have Healthier Residents

An investment in the built environment in your community is an investment in your health. Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reports communities that have walkability, bike-ability, transit infrastructure and park infrastructure (the markers of an active living community) can significantly lower obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and rates of depression than…

Dodge County becomes state’s first Blue Zones Project

Dodge County will be the first Blue Zones Project demonstration community in Wisconsin. The kickoff is anticipated to launch in March or April of 2017 and the community will be looking for volunteers to serve on various community committees. Dodge County is looking to gain the status of the “healthiest…

These cuisines may help you live longer

People in the world’s Blue Zones are living up to 115 years. And they’re doing so by eating right. The Okinawa diet features a lot of vegetables, rice and fish. People in the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica eat early and minimally. Their diet includes beans, yams and small portions of meat. Both Ikaria…

Douglas County in running for Blue Zones Project

Douglas County, Oregon is vying for the second demonstration site of the Blue Zones Project. They will present to the national team to illustrate the opportunities they have to improve the built environment and change the population’s behaviors. Read Article >>

Community members showcase Lebanon

Communities in Oregon are gearing up to be named the second Oregon Blue Zones Project Community. Last week, Lebanon, Oregon was announced as a finalist for the demonstration sites. Community leaders presented the areas of opportunity Lebanon has by taking on the Blue Zones Project. The final decision will be announced…