Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown is a lifelong community well-being advocate with more than 15 years of experience organizing communities to drive health and well-being improvement. For the last five years, Margaret has worked in partnership with more than 70 Blue Zones communities to create cross-sector partnerships that transform environments and empower communities.

The Real Reason Communities Struggle to Drive Lasting Change—And 4 Ways They Can Succeed

By April 5, 2024

In my business development role at Blue Zones, I field roughly 15 phone calls a week from leaders who all echo the same complaint: “Nothing is changing.” It doesn’t matter the size or scale of their community health improvement plans, or the fact that most of them have been in the works since 2012. It doesn’t even matter the needs—usually involving improvements of primary healthcare access, food insecurity, high rates of obesity or diabetes, and mental health services—they are trying to address. In each case, these leaders have been following the tried-and-true “best practices” of traditional community impact models….