Headshot of Aislinn Kotifani

Aislinn Kotifani


Aislinn has been a member of the Blue Zones team since 2015, boasting nearly a decade of dedicated service as a seasoned communications professional. Her comprehensive portfolio encompasses digital marketing, content creation, editorial direction, website development, brand management, and e-commerce operations. She is well-versed in large diverse city, small community, and niche neighborhood program engagement and launches.

Throughout her tenure at Blue Zones, Aislinn has been a driving force behind the organization’s communication strategies. With a keen eye for storytelling and content strategy, she has consistently captivated audiences across various networks and platforms while maintaining a strong brand voice. Aislinn’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping and elevating Blue Zones’ messaging, online presence, and community engagement efforts, solidifying her reputation as a strategic visionary in the field of communications.

Aislinn graduated magna cum laude as an Aquinas Scholar from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in Communication & Journalism and French. 

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