Made To Move

Degree® Deodorant and Blue Zones® are partnering to introduce an innovative, joint grant program to help communities get moving naturally for generations to come.


Made To Move: Empowering Active Transportation

Communities throughout the United States now realize that growing a program in active transportation is an essential way to help all citizens live fuller, healthier, longer lives. The Made To Move grant program from Degree® Deodorant and Blue Zones, LLC, is a competitive funding opportunity created to assist communities in advancing active transportation through local project development, implementation and supporting policies. With the ultimate goal of promoting more walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly environments for all ages, incomes and abilities, this funding opportunity will be awarded to five mid-sized communities in the United States. Each community will receive $100,000 plus technical assistance from the Blue Zones, LLC, built environment team. The funding period is divided into two phases, outlined below.

*The grant application window has ended for 2019. Click here to learn about the 5 awarded cities.*

What is Phase 1?

Phase 1 of this work will occur over the first 90 days of community effort and will include workplan development to incorporate time-based goal setting, including the details of community engagement, partner involvement, required resources, and specific outcome goals. During Phase 1, representatives from selected communities will travel to Minneapolis, MN, for a 2-day workshop on advancing design efforts, as well as indicate relevant agencies and community policies necessary to ensuring and sustaining progress. Funding for Phase 1 will be awarded upon executed agreements. Funding for this phase is $10,000 and is to be spent on planning efforts such as blueprint development, charrettes, training, and community engagement – which can include meetings, open street events and pop-ups.

What is Phase 2?

Phase 2 is ten months in duration and will include implementation of the approved community project and policies. It will be funded only after Phase 1 planning and resources are demonstrated. Community efforts will include both demonstration projects and long-term policy or systems improvements. Phase 2 will also include the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. Funding for this Phase is $90,000.

What Does an Awarded Community Receive?

Awarded communities will receive both grant funding for specific projects and technical assistance to ensure success:

  • 2-day orientation workshop and networking event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the Blue Zones built environment team;
  • 2-day on-site workshop in each community with experts and resources selected to refine the work program, confirm the steering committee, engage the community, develop the implementation plan, inspire teams and build capacity;
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring by the Blue Zones, LLC, team as project-specific challenges and opportunities arise; and
  • Iterative and summative project evaluations and the development of an impact case study for each project.

What Do We Mean by Projects and Supporting Policies?

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A pavement-to-parks project;
  • Curb extensions and chicanes;
  • Crosswalks and crossings;
  • Gateway features;
  • Protected bike lanes;
  • Pocket parks and plazas;
  • Roundabouts and mini-circles;
  • Neighborhood traffic calming;
  • First and last mile transit projects;
  • Road rightsizing projects (lane reductions);
  • Bike parking and street furniture;
  • Bike and pedestrian-oriented signage and wayfinding;
  • Non-motorized trail linkages.

An eligible policy effort can be:

  • Development and adoption of a street design manual that localizes active transportation tools;
  • An update of zoning ordinances to support healthy design;
  • Updating a permitting process to allow interim design;
  • Adoption of a Complete Streets policy and implementation plan;
  • Revising Capital Improvement Plan project selection to support active transportation (e.g. this may include training of local or regional public works, planning, transportation, emergency responders and other staffs to implement innovative design features).

Who Can Apply?

This opportunity is geared towards communities with populations between 100,000 and 300,000. This funding opportunity is open to all non-profit groups—agencies, companies and local and regional governments—serving, and located in, communities of this size. Regardless of team lead, all teams must have the required sectors represented on their team.

*The grant application window has ended for 2019. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the 5 awarded cities.*

What Are We Looking For?

The following attributes will be considered as applications are reviewed:

  • Foundational policy and planning efforts to support active transportation;
  • Clear objectives for impact with appropriate key performance indicators to measure success;
  • A commitment to equity;
  • Demonstrated reach across sectors, departments and agencies to build capacity for active transportation in the community;
  • Collaborations and/or partnerships in place that demonstrate a local commitment to advancing active transportation;
  • Letters of support and/or other commitments from key players (e.g. relevant departments, agencies, organizations, city/county councils, planning commission, and others);
  • Feasibility of projects and policies within 12-month timeline;
  • A pathway for project sustainability post-award.

For More Information:

Contact the team at with any questions. FAQs and answers will be posted weekly while the application is open.

Funding Timeline and Important Dates

The anticipated timeline is as follows:

  • April 2019 Partnership Contract Award & Media Release
  • April 23, 2019 Grant Announcement & Request for Proposals Issued
  • June 14, 2019 Grant Closing Deadline
  • June 14th-July 15th, 2019 Applicant Review, Short List Selected & Skype Interviews
  • Week of July 29th Awardees Announced (5) & Media Releases
  • September 2019 2-Day Orientation Workshop & Networking Event
  • October + November 2019 2-Day On-Site Workshop in Each Community
  • Fall 2019 Project Steering Committees Formed & Work Plans Confirmed
  • July 2020 Projects Completed & Impact Case Studies Developed
  • August 2020 Program Evaluation & Final Reporting

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