• International Best Selling Author
  • Founder of Inventure – The Purpose Company
  • Executive Life Coach

Best selling Author Richard Leider brings the Power of Purpose to life. One of the world’s pioneering thought leaders, Richard’s forward-thinking ideas and bestselling books are reshaping how people live, work, and lead with purpose.

Richard has decades of experience speaking at conferences and meetings around the world. He has developed a reputation as a practical, and relevant speaker. He interviews every client to learn about their organization and culture and then weaves this information into his presentations.

Thank you for your interest in considering Richard as a speaker for your upcoming event. We know how critical it is today to find a presenter who has the capacity to capture the mindshare of a busy audience. Richard has proven to be such a speaker, including:

  • Presentations for organizations in all 50 states Canada, and on four continents.
  • Audiences ranging from annual meetings with 10,000 attendees to one hour motivational meetings.
  • Keynotes consistently receiving the top marks for “authenticity and impact” from audiences worldwide.
  • Dan Buettner calls Richard the “Pope of Purpose” because of his leadership of the global purpose movement.


The Power of Purpose

What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? These days the answer to that question seems more di cult than ever to answer. Based on Richard’s perennial bestselling book, The Power of Purpose: Find Meaning. Live Longer, Better, this presentation helps audiences unlock their purpose… a clear answer to the question. As a result of this presentation, people will be able to:

  • Complete a “Purpose Checkup”
  • Work and live in ways that align with their purpose
  • Optional takeaways: The Power of Purpose book and Purpose Reminder Cards

Repacking on Purpose

Many people are feeling overwhelmed–weighed down by too much to do and constant busyness. Based on Richard’s classic international best-selling book in 21 languages. Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Good Life, this presentation shows audiences how to “lighten their loads” to find new balance and focus. As a result of this presentation, people will be able to:

  • Define their vision of the “good life”
  • Discover practices for “unpacking” – lightening their loads
  • Optional takeaways: Repacking Your Bags book and Repacking Journal

Becoming a Purposeful Leader

Based on Richard’s bestselling book, Work Reimagined, this is a presentation that helps leaders (spans all levels from the individual leader to the team and the larger organization) uncover their “calling”. Through story and practices, this presentation helps leaders discover how to bring their authentic “gifts, passions, and values” to work ever day.

As a result of this presentation, leaders will be able to:

  • Discern their calling
  • Lead in ways that are consistent with their natural gifts, passions, and values
  • Optional takeaways: Work Reimagined book and Calling CardsTM Tool

Harvard Business School Executive Education (General Management Program)

-The Ultimate Leadership Challenge: Self-Leadership

Unlocking the Power of Purpose

-Inaugural Assembly of Chief Executives & Employers, Singapore National Employers Federation, Singapore. (5,000 attendees)

The Purposeful Leader

-Ericsson Global Perspectives Program, Tanzania, East Africa and Boston, MA.

Mindful Aging: Claiming Your Place at the Fire

-University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing (Annual Ruth Stricker Mind-Body Lecture).

How to unlock the power of purpose

Purpose Checkup

The Power of Purpose with Richard Leider